kinematope [gare d'austerlitz]

Site-specific installation. Light projectors, sound system, architecture. Paris, FR. 2014.

kinema- : motion (from gr. kínêma)
-tope : place (from gr. topos)

Kinematope is a site-specific installation developed for Nuit Blanche at the Gare d’Austerlitz in Paris. It takes place at a future train platform of the station, half kilometre long.

Kinematope is specific twice over. First, for being formulated as a response to the perceptual qualities and inner structure of the place it activates. Second, its kinematic nature is directly connected to the function of the train station itself: transit, transport, motion.

Kinematope uses ephemeral and intangible materials, projected light and sound, to set the space in motion. It makes use of elements from the cinema apparatus to generate a spatial film. It is a direct filmic experience that omits the mediation of the camera, transporting the observer into a virtual space-time and maintaining at the same time the real, physical bonds of the body with its environment.

This project has been possible thanks to Jose Manuel Gonçalves, Eva Albarran & co, Mairie de Paris, Gare de Austerlitz and Novelty. Thanks to Guillaume Benaich, Arnaud Bazenet, Guillaume … , Houcine Pradinaud, Marceau Gouret, Sylvie Pitet, Denis Julien, Audrey Turpin, Dariush Kowsar, Chloe Lopes, Yacine Ouagnouni, Nicholas Champion and all production, technical, mediation and security staff involved.