Site and time specific project. Black paint on architecture.
GalerĂ­a Max Estrella. Madrid, ES. 2013

chrono- : time (from gr. khronos)
-graphy : process of writing, drawing, representing or recording (from gr. graphia)

The outlines of the works exhibited in the gallery in the past three years are drawn on the walls, floors and ceilings, visualizing the memory of the exhibition space from the last thirteen shows.
The dimensions and precise position of each artwork were obtained from the gallery archive, exhibition lists, photographic records and the memory of the gallery staff.

Chrono-graphy is a time-based cartography, an exhibition of exhibitions of the works that have passed through the gallery.

The work itself evolves in time: starting to draw the outlines of the last exhibition freshly uninstalled, the project adds each week one layer of outlines, varying the state of the work through the duration of the project.