Formas de Tiempo

Painted ceramic tiles, prints on paper, engraved and magnetised composite tiles.

Presented at Le Cenquatre-Paris (FR), Lázaro Galdiano Museum (Madrid, ES), Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea (San Sebastian, ES), Paradise City (Incheon, KR).
In the permanent collection of DKV Seguros (ES).
Awarded with the Audermars Piguet prize at ARCOMadrid 2015 (ES).

Formas de Tiempo is a series based on the observations of tiling patterns by a 17th-century Dominican priest from Lyon named Sébastien Truchet, also studied later by Dominique Douat in Toulouse. The pattern Truchet studied the most was that of a square tile split by a diagonal line into two triangles, decorated in contrasting colors. By placing these tiles in different orientations with respect to each other, as part of a square tiling, Truchet observed that many different patterns could be formed. 

In installations of different scales, the public is invited to position tiles with black and white patterns. Time plays a fundamental role here as the tiles and patterns are in continuous movement throughout the exhibition time. The work only ends when all its possibilities are exhausted, an infinite task on a human scale.